.APK File Opener ! Types & How to Open APK Files

.APK file opener is a software program that helps us open or compiles the Application on the computer. Generally, most of the computer or devices don’t support APK file. So, to run them we need different Software to open it on the computer.

What is an APK file?

APK (APK Stands for Android Package Kit) generally refers to an Android-based mobile application. The Software’s in a file format or in packages that mainly run on the Android operating system.

We can recognize APK files through (.APK extension). It can also operate on different platforms such as macOS, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, windows, etc.

Types of APK Files

There are four types of APK files:

  1. Signed APK
  2. Unsigned APK
  3. APK debug mode
  4. APK release mode

How do I open an .APK file on my Android?

Google Play Store provides different APK installer applications. By installing those applications, you can install any android APK file on your system.

Some of the top APK installers are APK Mirror installers, split APK’s installer and APK installer by Updown.

Here are the steps to Open .APK File on Android from Google Play Store:

Google Play Store

open APK File on Android

Go to the Google Play Store and choose the App you want to Open.


open APK File on Android

Then Click on The Install Button. The downloading will start.


open APK File on Android

After Downlaod, you can Open .APK File, by the clicking on Open Button.

Software/Emulators to run .APK on different OS:

There are many software in the world who can open .APK Files but you know that we cannot trust on all Softwares/Emulators.

Here are some trusted and top rated Softwares or Emulators of different platforms which can Open .APK files.

Linux DistributionsWindowsmacOS
AnboxBlue Stacks,
MeMu Emulator
NOX player
NOX Installer

.APK File Opener Websites

There are different trusted websites that you can open your android APK file (free and fast) online for other OS. Some of my favourites are:

  1. https://appscms.com/open-APK-file
  2. https://www.ezyzip.com/extract-APK-files.html
  3. https://www.APKonline.net/free-android-online-emulator/run-android-online-emulator

How do I create APK file?

To build our APK file with unique features, the prerequisite is we need a mobile phone and pc with an internet connection. We don’t need to have proper coding knowledge; we can start from today.

On the web browser, we can find different websites by signing into those sites; we can create a simple APK file within 5 min but, for the professional level, there is a platform called Android Studio.

Android Studio is free to download, and developers can use the Software without any cost. However, if users want to publish their created apps to the Google Play Store, they need to pay a one-time registration fee of $25 to upload an app.

FAQ’s about .APK File Opener

What does the .APK file contain?

In general, the APK file contains package files used by android OS to distribute and install mobile apps/Software. For instance, low and high mobile games, system updates, android payloads.

What opens APK files on PC?

Through the android emulator, you can open APK on pc.

Can I install APK on Windows 10?

Yes, you can easily install APK files on the window using a Software program like Blue Stack, APK Installer, MeMu Installer and Nox Player.

Are APK files safe?

We all know that most Android phones are vulnerable to viruses and malware. If we download an APK file from untrusted/not secure websites, hackers may steal our data. Also, if we provide our system permission to untrusted apps, they can misuse our data anywhere and create problems in our personal lives.

So before downloading any application, we should have a little bit of security awareness within. In simple words, we can say that not all sites are safe on the internet, but not all sites are vulnerable. So, we should use antiviruses and don’t allow permission to unnecessary apps.

Can WinRAR open .APK files?

Yes, we can simply open .APK files in WinRAR and WinZip.


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