Top 8 Best Reselling Apps in India 2021

Best Reselling Apps in India: If you are looking for a work-from-home job that can be done at home, this post is for you. Here we neither talk you into making the video nor arranging any live video chatting program. Still, you can earn money through social media. 

All you have to do is become a reseller of fashion and beauty products companies. For this, you should not even send your resume to companies. Some mobile applications will help you. 

Nowadays, people are earning a lot of money by reselling the product. In this post, we will discuss the top 8 best reselling Apps in India, by using which you can easily earn 20 to 25k rupees a month. 

You must have liked to hear that we can earn a hues amount of money at homey by reselling products, and we also can earn a lot by doing online digital marketing; we need the best platform. 

Reselling is an excellent opportunity to earn money online; keeping this in mind, I am telling Top 8 Best Reselling Apps in India; before that, we have to know what Reselling is?

What is Reselling?

Reselling is an online business model which can do easily from home. In this, we have to sell products online through Facebook and WhatsApp, etc. 

Reselling is made up of two words- Re and Selling. Here Re means “Again,” and Selling means “Sell.” In this way, Reselling means- buying and reselling an item. 

In this business, a person buys goods from a big seller, adds his commissions to them, and sells it. In this way, he makes a good amount of money by playing a role of a middleman. Let us tell you that such intermediaries are called Resellers.  

How to earn money from Reselling?

It is straightforward to earn money from reselling. For this, you need to have these three things:-

  • Smartphone
  • Internet Connection
  • Bank account

Suppose you have these three things, congratulations! You can do unlimited earnings from reselling. First of all, you have to become a Reseller, and for this, you have to choose a good reseller company. 

Today many companies have come, allowing you to become a Reseller sitting at home and earn Unlimited earnings. 

These companies do all the work from Delivery to collecting payment. 

 All you have to do is take orders from your customers and enter their delivery addresses. 

And the order has to be confirmed by adding your commission. Just! 

The rest of the work is done by these companies themselves. And as soon as the customer makes the payment, your commission gets deposited in your account.

But the biggest question is who to trust, because every company calls itself India’s No.1 Reseller Company, while this is not possible. So for this, I am telling you about Top-8 Reseller Companies in India. You can work with any of these eight.

Top 8 Best Reselling Apps in India

Here are the List of top 8 Best Reselling Apps in India which are absolutly free:

  1. GlowRoad
  2. Meesho
  3. eBay
  4. Shop 101
  5. Shopmatic
  6. Mercari 
  7. Carousell
  8. ShopUp Reseller 

GlowRoad : Work from Home, Earn Money online, Resell Products

If we talk about India’s Top Reseller Companies, then the name of ‘GlowRoad‘ comes at the top. This is the most popular and trusted Reseller Company. 

GlowRoad : Work from Home, Earn Money online, Resell Products
Best Reselling Apps in India

Today it has more than 10 million users and has a rating of 4.5 stars. 

Its most important thing is that its prices are meager. Secondly, the Delivery is free. That is, Shipping Charge does not have to be paid. Due to this, the margin is excellent.

Many people earn money through GlowRoad App, which comprises homemakers, boutique owners, beauticians, college students, etc.  This platform is famous for its item delivered on time, and there have been a few cases when they failed to provide any products on the mentioned date.

App features:

  • Great pricing
  • On-time Delivery
  • Easy return policy
  • Easy user-interface

Meesho: Online Shopping & Reselling App in India

Meesho is also a Popular and best Reselling Apps in India, working for a long time. But it has increased in the last few months. This is the reason that today it has more than 10 million users.

Meesho: Online Shopping & Reselling App in India
2nd Best Reselling Apps in India

You also get many products on Meesho, by reselling which you can earn a lot. Here you can create your online store and add products of your choice to it. 

 Also, by sharing the added products on social media, you can reach more and more people. And you can earn more and more. You have to place the order. The company itself will do the work of delivering the goods and collecting the payment.

App features:

  • It will not be much trouble to start its business.
  • You can work on it just after completing some formalities.
  • It has an easy return policy
  • In this, products become available at a cheap rate
  • This app gives you a chance to earn a good commission for selling every product.
  • Cash on Delivery is done in this.

eBay- Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & Reselling App

It is believed that eBay is a marketplace to sell shipped items, not necessarily from any part of the world or country.

eBay- Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & Reselling App
3rd Best Reselling Apps in India

 Local listings on eBay allow those items which are very big and heavy, but by using Local Pickup, you can take the facility. If you do not want to take the facility of shipping cost, then eBay helps you in this case.

 Even local businesses list on eBay to boost their sales and sometimes offer free Delivery. eBay does listings to promote further sales of regional companies; sometimes, eBay can also sell for free.

App features:

  • Just in this, you can save money by doing deals at your finger
  • There are many products you can buy and sell on offer in the eBay marketplace.
  • You will not have any difficulty in this; scan and search in it, and it should have the ability to list.
  • You can buy discount deals in their auctions anytime.

Shop101: #1 Trusted Reselling App. Work From Home, Earn Money Online

Shop101 is India’s top-list reselling app. There is no better app than this app to promote home-based businesses. 

Shop101: #1 Trusted Reselling App. Work From Home, Earn Money Online
4th Best Reselling Apps in India

 Shop101 Reselling app is an online business through which you can earn money sitting at home. This is a kind of internet store which opens in 2 minutes.

It has 20,000 wholesalers registered with 90 lakh resellers, which makes it the top. Through this reselling, you can earn 20 to 25k in a month easily.

App features:

  • You can earn more money than your price; cashback offers keep running.
  • In this, you can list many old and new products.
  • You can start earning by opening it for free.
  • Some expert resellers help you to increase your business and make profits.
  • Referring to it gives some commission from which you can make some money.

Shopmatic : Redefining ecommerce I 4 ways to sell products online

Shopmatic is a great platform to open for free for any online shop. In Shopmatic, it takes only 2 minutes for the user to set up the product. In this, you can also do chat selling with marketplace selling and social Selling.

Shopmatic : Redefining ecommerce I 4 ways to sell products online
5th Best Reselling Apps in India

Shopmatic is the best website to sell products. These users have to pay only 3% of their price after the transaction on successfully selling items. For this reason, shipmates – reseller apps are one of the best reseller apps.

App features:

  • You can sign up for this without paying any fees.
  • Shopmatic gives an easy opportunity to set up an SEO-friendly website.
  • In this, both international payment and domestic payment options are available.
  • It is the first choice of any user with the features of the subscription model and Transaction model.
  • According to user experience, this app is the best. 

Mercari: Your Marketplace

Mercari is a user-friendly platform for your trusted customer; through this, you can sell new and used items like beauty products, DVDs, clothes, video games, antiques, and collectibles.

Mercari: Your Marketplace
6th Best Reselling Apps in India

In this, the seller can easily do the details of the item brand and its price and shipping cost. In this, you can have the option of online shipping or cash on Delivery. In this, the seller can list for free.

App features:

  • There is an easy way to buy and sell anything in this.
  • It has the facility of home pickups and same-day Delivery as well as easily exchange items.
  • In this, you can easily buy from home after meeting with any customer.
  • If the product starts selling, then printing and shipping can make a mess for you.
  • It has the facility of free shipping for millions of 
  • Products.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Carousell: Buy & Sell Goods, Cars, Services and Property Online

Carousell has a feature that has become a popular app for those who buy and sell. Like other apps, Carousell also gives you the option to sell other products like automobiles and clothing.

Carousell: Buy & Sell Goods, Cars, Services and Property Online
7th Best Reselling Apps in India

You can also publish its product on social media; here, you can post your products in different places.

App features:

  • This is a free platform to sell your new or second-hand items.
  • Carousell is free up to 10 photos; after that, you have to pay some money.
  • There is 24/7 customer support.
  • Make your mark on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

ShopUp Reseller

Do you want to earn money by selling your old products? Or do you want an accessible online business in which there is no problem? So for this, let me tell you one thing: ShopUp is the best Reseller app, with the help of which all your problems can be solved.

ShopUp Reseller
8th Best Reselling Apps in India

It is elementary for sellers to do business because there is no hassle of Delivery or packaging. After all, all this work is handled by experts.

App features:

  • Due to the easy interface of this app, the user does not face any problems.
  • By registering in it, the user can start earning.
  • It has the facility to catalog more than 1 00,000 products.
  • In this, information about the out-of-stock of the products is available.

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