3 Binary Translators used to Convert binary code into ASCII

In the contemporary age, people are taking advantage of using computers in every field of life. Those who study computer science or use these machines frequently are well aware of the fact that modern-day computers require binary numbers to operate.

You are familiar with the strings of 0s and 1s used for computer operation. But the question arises of why computers need these numbers?

The question is though simple its answer is not as straightforward as one can expect. To know its answer, we first need to comprehend why scientists and engineers who frame modern computers don’t employ the decimal number system (that we have been studying in our schools) and are using an entirely unaccustomed number system for computers and other machines.

The great news is that it is easily understandable why engineers and scientists pick binary number system for computers. Today, it is quite an easy task to convert text into binary online. Today, you can find a plethora of translators that very efficiently convert your text into binary code.

So, here are the three best binary translators that will help you transform your text into binary code. Be sure to read the forthcoming lines to learn how these translators work on the given text and convert it into binary code for you.

Let’s discussed a detailed overview of some translator’s features.


Text to the binary translator, as the name indicates, performs the function of converting text into binary codes. The numbers 0s and 1s may not apparently be anything to you, but the same numbers in binary code represent “Hello!”

Let’s learn what the binary code of ‘Hey’ is. It holds three characters in a word, but in the ‘words to binary’ system, it is in fact “010010000110010101111001” long. so the binary code generator converts English (text) into binary code.

To learn how these translators convert text into binary code, you need to have a glimpse of binary code.

Binary Code

The binary code uses two symbols to represent information. Various binary codes have been under use for centuries. For example, Braille utilizes raised and unraised bumps to deliver information to the blind, Morse code applies short and long signals to provide information, and in the above examples, Zero (0s) and ones (1s) sets are used to illustrate letters.

Probably, the major use of the binary system is in computers and computer devices that ultimately send, receive and store information in the binary codes.


  • How to write ‘Hello’ in binary?
  • How to convert ‘my name’ in binary”

You can write your name in binary code in several ways, However, dictatorial are the 0s and 1s, in binary code. Any symbols, colors, or objects that are found in two different conditions such as two sides of a coin (head and tail), color (green and blue), shapes (circle and square), on and off switch can work best as a binary code.

It seems a tough job for human beings to break down the text into binary translators manually since the 8-bit code is a difficult one and you may not be able to convert text into the binary code accurately.

So, you can take advantage of computers that perform this task for you. And text to the binary translator by prepostseo.com is a reliable binary translator that will convert your text into binary codes in a matter of seconds.


Of all the numbering systems humans have been using, you are widely familiar with the decimal number system that uses 10s digits. It is the system that we learned at school and later have been taking help from it in everyday calculations. While binary, as the name represents consists of only two digits:

  • Zero (0)
  • One (1)

Let’s have a glance at the binary number system. The popular method is to divide the number (you can choose any figure) by 2 and then use the result to repeat the same process. Thus, keep on collecting the remainders until the result can be divided no more.

For example, we divide the number 43 by 2 and let’s see what we get in converting it into a binary system.

43/2            result = 21,     remainder = 1

21/2                10          1

10/2                5           0

5/2                 2           1

2/2                 1           0

So the binary code for 43 is = 101011

The binary translator by utilities-online.info changes binary numbers into ASCII characters.

All ASCII characters hold a specific code.

For example, the ASCII code for A is, 65, while B and C carry the codes of 66 and 67 respectively. To use the binary translation tool, you should have binary numbers that you want to change into ASCII characters. You can also search these numbers on the internet and paste them into the input box to watch the results. After this step, you have to select one option between

  • Unicode
  • Then click on the ‘converter’ button to change binary into the option you choose from above.
  • For more examples, you can reset the input.

So binary translator by utilities-online.com is another significant software that converts the binary into characters.


The binary code translator depends on the binary number system for its performance and is mainly used in digital computers. It presents only two possible conditions – off and on and both these states are symbolized by the numbers 0 and 1.

Here are some examples of binary code that represent the following decimal numbers.

000 ( 20 )
111 ( 20 )
2101 ( 21 ) + 0 ( 20 )
3111 ( 21 ) + 1 ( 20 )
41001 ( 22 ) + 0 ( 21 ) + 0 ( 20 )
51011 ( 22 ) + 0 ( 21 ) + 1 ( 20 )

Let’s study other features of text to binary translator.

Free Tool

Our binary translator is free of cost. You don’t need to pay a penny to use this tool. Also, you are free to use it anywhere and anytime and can convert your text into binary code as many times as you want.

Quick Process

This tool is matchless in its fast process speed. However, much your text maybe, your binary code generator will pop out results only in an eye blink. This tool is time-tested and is unparalleled in showing remarkable performance.

24/7 Access

This free binary code translator is accessible 24/7. You only have to ensure a good internet connection and an appropriate device can use this for limitless time.

For users’ convenience, an interactive user interface has been devised where users can navigate and process many other things as well. Its use is quite simple.

Just type or copy-paste your text in the input section. The binary code translator will automatically work on the input and depict the result in the binary code box.

You can use the results anywhere you want and for further process, erase the converted text and paste the new one to repeat the previous process.

One more unique feature of this tool is that it displays accurate counting for the words, characters, and text lines!

Wrap Up

So, it was the whole narration about the three best binary translators that convert your text into binary code. You can go for anyone tool if you want to see your text into binary code or intent to use these codes for some other purpose. All three tools offer accurate results in the shortest time possible!

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