Open ASPX File! How to Open ASPX Files? Complete Process:

Open ASPX File: What is ASPX, what is the use of ASPX, what type of language is ASPX? If you answer these questions related to ASPX, then this article is for you.

Hello friends, through this article, we will give you any critical information related to ASPX Full Form and ASPX, about which many people do not know what it is and why it is functional.

Often we all hear and see about ASPX, and many people also know what ASPX is and why it was created, but if you do not know about ASPX Full Form, then to know about it you read this complete article of ours so that you can get complete information about it. Our purpose is to help you recognize a file with the *.aspx extension and how to open an ASPX file.

What is an ASPX File?

ASPX Stands For “Active Server Pages Extended.” ASP means “active server cell.” This is a Server-Side Script for Web Developing. With its help, we will create a Dynamic Website.

ASP is the first Server-Side Script Engine developed by Microsoft. It was launched in 2002, which ASP.NET later replaced.

This script is often written with HTML Code. But this code can be interpreted only on the web server, and this data can also be stored in the database.

Different programming languages like JavaScript and C# etc., can also be used with ASP Script. It is mainly similar to the Server Side Script Language (such as PHP and JSP).

File Extension of ASP

When the extension of ASP is .asp and the extension of ASP.NET is .aspx. When an ASP file is run on the server by a user, the URL contains the .asp or .aspx suffix.

Advantages of Using ASPX

  • ASP Code remains hidden in the browser, due to which it is also considered secure.
  • The content of the website also changes according to the request of the user.
  • Website data can be easily changed or updated.
  • Dynamic data (e.g., Time, Date) can be easily viewed on the website.
  • It is more straightforward, and the processing speed is also higher than Perl and CGI.

How to Open an ASPX File?

When we try to open an ASPX file, we can say that “Windows can’t open this file” error, so how to see the page and get an idea about it.

This guide gives an easy solution about “how to open an ASPX file and convert the ASPX file to PDF format.

Opening ASPX file on Android

ASPX file extension is a server-side framework, so it is very difficult to open it on android devices, but now we can extend this File using Google docs. Follow those steps to open the ASPX file on Android:

Download & Install

Download and install Google docs from the play store.


Open the ASPX file as text therein app and begin editing.

Some other tools like Microsoft Visual Studio and Adobe Dreamweaver can open and edit ASPX files.

Opening ASPX file in Google Chrome

  • Right-click on the File has. aspx extension.
  • From the menu bar, that seems, click on Open with.
  • Under Open with the context menu, select Google Chrome.
  • Click on Google Chrome, and now your File is often easily opened locally within the browser.
  • Opening ASPX file in Windows
  • Start the Run dialogue box (Win+R)
  • Access control folders.
  • Apply the View menu
  • Find and uncheck Hide extensions for known file varieties
  • Apply the changes

Opening ASPX file in macOS:

  • Open Finder
  • Go to Finder -> Preferences.
  • On the Advanced tab, Check the box next to point out all filename extensions.

How to convert ASPX File?

  1. Before you create the PDF, you’ve got to form an XPS file on your computer.
  2. This can be done directly in Windows, with no additional setup, and takes just some seconds.
  3. Open your ASPX File together with your standard application on your computer as was expected.
  4. There go to File -> Print or press Ctrl+P
  5. (Don’t worry, nothing is printed on paper!)
  6. Pick “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” as your printer.
  7. Snap-on “OK” or “Print.”
  8. Choose a destination for your XPS file and click on “Save.”
  9. This created XPS file can be easily converted to PDF with any PDF converter.

FAQ’s about Open ASPX File

Can I open the ASPX file in Android?

ASPX files are server-side frameworks, so that you have to use some tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Adobe Dreamweaver to open it.

What is the ASPX format?

ASPX extension is a webpage created using the MS ASP.NET framework running on web servers. ASPX stands for Active Server Pages Extended.

What is ASPX used for?

ASPX (Active Server Pages Extended) is a file extension generated for the MS ASP.NET framework. This File was used to contain scripts and codes of a web browser.


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