Open DAT File! How to Open DAT Files? Complete Steps:

Open DAT File: Have you come across a file that has the extension .dat and failed to open it? But you are curious what kind of file it is and what type of data it contains.

So, first of all, you should know that the DAT file is not associated with any particular program; it is just an extension which a program creates while running, and it is like a database file. 

In the olden times, this extension was most commonly used to save data in computing, but after the development of VCD discs, this extension has been used to save video files. It can be played through Windows Media Player.

This post will provide you the best guide to open any DAT file easily, so read this entire article to get more information. 

What is a DAT file?

The first thing a data file indicates is that it contains some random data and is not designed to be used by some specific applications.

This means, unlike in the case of some frequently used files, suppose from looking at an XLS file one can easily say that Microsoft Excel should open it, but in the case of DAT file, you have to decide for yourself. With which program do you have to open the file. 

It can be different events at different times. But you have a file that is not a video file, and you want to open it. Then the best way is to check its location where this file is on your computer.

From this location, you can get information about which program has been made. Doing so gives you a way to see which programs can open it.

 If that doesn’t help, you can open it in a program like Notepad, which can open various extension files and show if it contains any data you want to view. Even if this file is not decoded, then forget it.

 In summary, there is no way to know which program can open this file. The .dat file extension is usually a video CD format played with Windows Media Player.

How to Open DAT file?

The most proper way to open a DAT extension file is to use the same application that created it:

In Notepad

Open .DAT file in Notepad

In case of uncertainty, one can try Notepad. Some portion of the data may be recognized after opening the file with Notepad; however, the majority of the remaining amount is recognizable and will probably be junk removed by the source program.

In Email

Open DAT File in Email

These files are usually found in emails with attachments. However, these days’ programs do not produce any data files and are generally used by programmers.

3rd Step

To find “what is a data file” initially, you should ask the sender about the file which application was used for its creations. If their response realizes that it was just a document or picture file with some other extension, and they aren’t sure how it turned into a file, it means that the file extension changed during the email routing process had gone.

4th Step

Indeed some email server programs automatically change the extension associated with .at files. So if you were to receive an image file, all you have to do is change the file’s extension to JPG, PNG, or GIP, whichever you think would be more suitable. A Microsoft word file should be changed to the extension.Doc.

5th Step

To change the file extension, select Tools under File Options in Windows Explorer.

6th Step

Then select the View tab and keep scrolling until the “Hide extensions for known file types” option appears. Uncheck it to see the extension of all files in that folder that you can change to something else.

7th Step

You have to right-click on the file and change the extension that appears after the dot to any preferred format.

8th Step

Finally, it would be best to change the file’s icon to reflect the applications that can open it.

9th Step

It should be an MS Excel icon like an excel sheet. Now, what should you do if you are still struggling to find the correct source program or extension of the original file? Go to right-click on the file and go to choose different program via open with option.

10th Step

This means that if an XLS file is converted to a DAT file and you try to open it with MS Excel, it will work.

11th Step

The above case was proper because the file was created using the Excel application, and it has all the data accurate; only the file extension changed.

12th Step

One can also try Windows Media Player as it will execute it if there is some video file, an mp3 file, or maybe any other file of similar nature.

FAQ’s about Open DAT File

What is the meaning of the DAT file?

.dat file extension stands for a decentralized data tool for distributing data in small and large.

What program opens a DAT file?

DAT files are some kinds of data files that contain some data information in computing but after the development of VCD discs. You can easily open these files with a text editor like NotePad, NotePad+++, etc. 

Can VLC open DAT file?

Yes, you can easily open DAT files with a VLC player. You have to download and run the VLC player to open DAT files. 


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