Open Download File! How to Open Download Files? Complete Steps:

Open Download File: Many times it happens that the file is not downloaded in our smartphone. Either its format is different, or sometimes there may be some other reason also. 

 Sometimes it also happens that the file gets downloaded and does not open. In such a situation, we will tell you what you should do. Yes, we will introduce you to some such ways by which you will get the solution to this problem.

What is a Download file?

Downloading means transferring files to a smaller (smaller) peripheral unit (personal system) than a server. There is data transfer from different servers on your computer when you make a download request.

If it is said in the language of computer networks, then ‘to download’ means receiving data in your local or remote system when the data transfer is initiated. Here the data is retrieved from the internet to the computer.

Apart from this, we can also save these downloaded files temporarily and delete them after use or download them and store them permanently and use them for a long time.

These downloaded files are sometimes automatically stored in some particular location on your computer or any other device. They can be accessed automatically from those locations as and when required.  

Whereas in other cases, the user can also choose the location where he wants to save the downloaded files so that it is effortless to find them.

The download means to receive data, i.e., Whatever was offered for downloading can be downloaded. You can download any files from the internet, such as documents, music, videos, images, and software. Download speed is estimated at megabits per second (Mbps).

How to open a Download file?

The first way to Open Download File:

If a PDF file or any other document file is not opening in your phone after downloading, and then you can download apps like PDF Viewer and Document Viewer on your smartphone to get rid of it. You will easily find these apps in the Google Play Store.

Second way to Open Download File:

If your phone already has apps like PDF Viewer and Document Viewer, and even then, your file is not opening, you can follow this method.

Go to the Setting

way to Open Download File:

First of all, go to the settings of your smartphone.

Choose All Apps

Then tap on Apps and then go to All Apps.

Apply Methods

Now, you will get two options one download manager and the other download app. Now you have to go through both the options alternately.

Delete Cache Memory

During this, you have to delete the cache memory and data of both options.

Force Stop

Now tap both to force stop.


 After this, restart your smartphone.

Although this method will solve your problem, if you are still facing this problem, then you can take the help of a third-party file manager.

 Let us tell you that apps like ES File Explorer, Android File Manager, and Astro File Manager with Cloud can open such files without any hassle.

The third way to Open a Download File:

sometimes it also happens that the downloaded files are not open in the Chrome browser. For this:

  1. First of all, go to the settings of your smartphone.
  2. Then tap on Apps and then go to All Apps.
  3. Now click on Chrome browser. After which you will have many options.
  4. From this, you have to click on Force Stop. After this, you have to clear the cache or data.
  5. Now, there will be an option to turn off or disable on the top side, turn it off.
  6. After that, enable it again.

Tips for safe download

  1. Whenever you download a file, close all the applications running on the computer so that it is easy for you to download and no such thing gets installed without your permission.
  2. Close all the essential applications so that you can download them safely.
  3. Set up antivirus firewalls properly so that it actively scans your downloaded files automatically.
  4. Do not always download attachments of email without scanning them.
  5. Always use updated antivirus, spam filter, and spyware in your system.
  6. Never download such files like music, video, games from any untrusted websites you do not trust.

Always check the website’s URLs before downloading and downloading content from secure websites that use HTTPS only. 

  1. HTTPS refers to “hypertext transfer protocol secure.”
  2. Download only from trustworthy sites and do not fall for any attractive deals.
  3. If any lousy word is displayed on any website, then close it there so that it does not download any unwanted software or freeware in your system.
  4. Always check the size of the file before downloading because many times, their size increases as you download, which is not correct.
  5. Never click on such tempting links that provide you many paid things for free, as these are often spam links.
  6. Do not click on such links, which automatically start downloading.
  7. Always use your browser’s insecure browser settings; otherwise, do not download anything.
  8. Always see the Terms and Conditions before installing or running any application.
  9. Never download files without getting complete information about the website.
  10. Download from Authentic Website only if you want to download something.

FAQ’s about Open Download File

Why my downloaded files are not opening?

Sometimes it happens that your downloaded file won’t open because you don’t have permission to open those files, or you are using a Google account that doesn’t have access. 

How to Download Videos?

You will be able to download videos from YouTube easily. If you are a smartphone user, then use the TubeMate app, and if you want to download from your computer, you can use the website.

How to download games?

If you want to download the game, download it from Play Store for Android phones, and you can download it from App Store for iOS devices.


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