How to Open RAR File? Steps to Open RAR Files

How to Open RAR File? what is this? Why is data kept in them? Many times when we download a file from the Internet, it gets downloaded in RAR files.

Today in this article, we will tell you what the Rar file is and how to open RAR File. When we download a movie from many websites or any software from any website, it gets downloaded in a RAR file, and after that, it becomes a problem to open RAR File. 

A tool is needed to open Rar File; only then can we open it. In the same way, if the player needs to be on the computer to play a song on the computer, in the same way, RAR File Opener is required to open Rar File.

Today, we will tell you that using which tool you can open it, you will be given complete information about the Rar file.

What is RAR File?

Friends, if we talk about RAR File, this file is compressed, which means RAR File is made to reduce the size of whatever data is inside this file or merge many files.

In RAR File, you can keep not one but many files. Like if you look at any computer software, there are many files in it which are in a folder, in the same way, you can keep all the files in RAR File.

Why is data kept in a Rar file?

Friends, if you have a file of 1 GB, whether it is a movie or a folder or software or any similar data, if it is kept in a RAR File, then the size of this file will not be 1 GB. Instead, it will be less than 1 GB, which is an advantage of keeping any large file in the RAR File.

Whenever a user transfers or uploads a file online, he has to upload data of the same size as the size of the data, but if he uploads or transfers the same data by keeping it in a RAR File, then the size of that RAR File is Remains less than the size of the data.

It means that it becomes RAR File Compress whereas the size of the data kept inside RAR File remains the same as it was before.

How to open RAR file Offline?

open RAR file

To Open RAR File Offline, you have to follow these below steps:

Donwload WinRAR

Open RAR File Offline

To extract RAR File, you have to download an application on your computer named WinRAR, and you can download its latest version from here. Its size is up to 3 MB.

Install WinRAR & Activate

After downloading WinRAR File, you have to install it on your computer; the process of installing is the same as you would do any app. After installing, WinRAR File has been activated on your computer.

Select RAR File

Now you can open a RAR File very quickly; for this, you have to right-click on any RAR File you want to open on your computer.

Select Extract Option

After this, you will see two options Extract File and Extract Here. Clicking on Extract File will create a Folder, and there will be your data inside that Folder, whereas on clicking Extract Here, your file will be extracted without the Folder and as much as in the file. There will also be data; it will be a different show.

Final Step

After doing this, the data inside your Zip File or Rar File will be shown as a Folder or without a Folder, and you can use it.

How to open RAR file Online?

To Open RAR File Online, you have to follow these below steps:

  • If you want to use the online tool, you have to open the website, here you have to go to the option of unzipping given in the menu, and here you will be shown a list in which you will have RAR File. By clicking this option, you can easily open RAR File. 
  • After this, when you have selected the file format, you have to upload the file, for which you can upload your file by clicking on Choose Files and then click on Extract.
  • After extracting, whatever data you have inside the RAR File will be shown, which you can download by clicking on the save button given in front of the file.

What is the difference between the Zip file and the RAR file?

Many people think that the Zip file and Rar file are identical, but they are not real. 

Zip file RAR file
A zip file is a compressed file used to store standard files.WinRAR is used to create or recover zip files, and it is the name of software.

 Primarily we use its free trial version. Zip and Rar are two different ways to create the same type of file.

To compress a file, the use of Rar file compressor software is a bit slow. But it is more potent than that. In this, your files are more secure. For this reason, it is used more.

FAQ’s about Open RAR File

How to open RAR File on Mobile?

You can easily open any RAR File on your mobile through many platforms like Android Zip File Manager, Easy Unrar, Unzip, zip, Urar, etc.

How to open RAR File in Mac?

To open RAR File on mac, you have to install an app. RAR extractor-free is one of them. After installing it, right-click on the file and click on Open With.
Now you can select this app from the list of programs. Once it is set, all files in this format will be opened on double click.

Which is the right tool for zipping/Rar File Extract Online and Offline?

If you extract a file from an offline tool, it will not take much time, and it is also safe, whereas there is no such thing in the online tool.


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