Open TMP File! How to Open TMP Files? Complete Steps:

Open TMP File: The TMP file in the computer is also called Temporary File. 

TMP files in the computer can be created due to many reasons. When we download anything, open an application, file, or document on a computer or laptop, a TMP file is created in our system. Temporary Files are also called Foo Files.  

You must have also seen that when we create a document on a computer on any software like MS Word, etc., that data gets saved from time to time after some time. Out of these, Temporary Files are also made and stored.

And after closing the program, if we want to open the program again and see the document project created last time, the computer system tries to bring that file in front of us only through Temporary Files.

In this article, we will know what a TMP file is and how to open a TMP file? Read this entire article to get the most precious information about TMP files. 

What is a TMP file?

First of all, we know what TMP Files is. TMP Files are also called Foo Files. These files are mainly created when running a program on the computer, such as suppose I am running some photo editing software.

I have edited any photo, but I wouldn’t say I like that editing, then I press Ctrl + Z, I have brought the picture back to its original form, at this time, only those temporary files of the computer system have helped.

Because when I did photo editing, some files related to it were stored in the disk by the computer system so that they can be used when needed.  

In this way, whenever we are running or closing any programs on the computer, the files related to some programs are stored in the computers, called TMP Programming Files.

Sometimes these Temporary Files are also used to recover any data in the computer system.

How to Open a TMP file?

If you have ever seen a TMP file, you will often try to open it to recover the content of the temporary file or to find out what information the TMP file contains. 

However, even if the standard extension .tmp creates the impression that these files can be opened with the same tools, the reality is somewhat different. Because other programs use TMP files for varied purposes, they can contain various kinds of data like plane images, videos, spreadsheets, and backup information.

You have to open TMP files with the same program or only with those that support the file type.

Let’s know how we can open the TMP file:

Determine which program created the files

TMP file Creating Software

As we discussed before, TMP files can open with the same program or app where it was made, so that at first, you have to determine where the file was created. For Example, MS Word, MS Excel, VLC Media Player, Firefox, etc.

Many programs like MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint create TMP files while running, and these files are deleted automatically when you close the program.

Right-click on the TMP file

After recognition; you have to right-click on the TMP file you want to open, which will show you a menu. 

Click on the “Open with” from the menu

Now you have to choose the “Open with” option from the menu and click on it; after clicking, a sub-menu will appear in front of you.

Select the corresponding Programme for this TMP file

We know that the TMP file will open with its original program, so that you have to select the corresponding program where the TMP file was created.

1. For example, if the TMP file was created in MS Excel, you must select Microsoft Word to open it. 

2. If you don’t find the correct program in the submenu, check on choosing another app at the bottom of the “Open with” sub-menu. 

FAQ’s about Open TMP File

How to delete TMP file?

1. First of all, with the help of a computer keyboard, press the Windows button + R.

2. Now, Run Dialog Box will open in front of you; you type %temp% and click on Run.

3. Now, all Temporary Files or Folders have come in front of you. You can select all with the help of the Ctrl + A shortcut, or you can also like them through Computer Mouse. After selecting, you have to first click on Left and click on Delete in the Open Dialog Box.

4. Now, if the Folder Access Denied window opens in front of you, you must click on Continue.

5. Now, this temporary file has been deleted from your computer. But now you have to go to the Recycle Bin and permanently delete them again because whenever we delete a file in the computer, it gets stored in the Recycle Bin.

How to convert TMP file to Word file?

To convert a TMP file, you have to right-click on the .tmp file and rename the entire file. To rename, you have to click on the “Rename” option and select the name to delete. 

What type of file is TMP?

TMP file is a Temporary file that was made by some programs for backup and cache. This file also contains information temporarily while a new file was created.


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